About Samaritan Trust

We are a Malawian charity that promotes the welfare of street children by providing them with safe shelter, basic needs,education and vocational skills training.

Samaritan Trust is a registered Non – Governmental Organization that aims at alleviating the plight of street children by rescuing them from the streets and providing them with safe shelter, facilitating their access to education, vocation skills training and social protection. Since inception in 1993, Samaritan Trust has reached out to an annual average of 120 street children.
Our work with street children involves the following:
  • Street Outreach: Social workers visit the street to identify and counsel children at risk
  • Provision of Safe Shelter: identified street children are rescued and placed at our centre for safety
  • Provision of Basic Needs: children are provided with access to health, education and protection
  • Empowerment: children are trained in vocational skills whilst others are supported in tertiary education.
  • Reintegration: reformed children are reunited with their families to promote sustainable development.

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